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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is entry?

0-4 months : Free

4-11 Months: £3.6

12-18 Months: £5.6

19 Months +: £6.6

Do you have parking?

Yes! We do have a car park which is shared, so it does get busy at peak times

There is another large car park near Farmfoods/B&M which is a short walk away

I'm wanting to book a party, do you offer them and how do i book? 

YES!  Our parties are very popular and have had 5 star reviews.

Head over to our parties page to find out more!

Or just contact with your enquiry

What makes you inclusive? 

We have a ramp to the right of the building and a wheelchair friendly bathroom.

We have a PEKS menu. This is a picture to aid an child or adult who cannot verbally communicate what they would like. 

Activities, resources and furniture at different hights to open up accessibility

How long is each session?

Each session lasts 90 minutes. We have 3 sessions a day. Please see our booking page to select your chosen time. On the last Wednesday of each month we have an after school session at 3:45

Is there an age limit?

Not at all, we recommend that our resources are suitable from birth to 6 years, however we believe children of all ages will have an opportunity to play and enjoy our setting.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please do not hesitate to contact us...
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